Thursday, March 27, 2003

First Post

Heard of all this things about blogging long time ago but somehow do not get the time to see what I can do with it.
Anyway I think the idea is great. I used to write down some of my thoughts in exercise books and dialy but I never able to consistantly update them, perhaps nowaday I am just not use to writing using pens in contrast with writng on the keyboard.. :)
Very often I find that my thinking and opinion about things and events are very different from many people that I know. One reason being that I used to read a lot of the opinion of others that I form my own opinions from the various information. Not that I think my opinion has to be the correct one, but rather I feel sometime because the information that I know give me a opinion that may not be the popular view.
Being a academician, my main job is to think and solve problem. Though my field is Information Technology & Computer Science, my training make me to think about almost everything, to ask questions about everything and to think with a objective mind. Well, I end up with this profession is also due to the reason that I enjoy a lot what I do.
There are many things that I think about, the world as a whole, politics, religion, science, philosophy etc.
But sometime, to have an active brain most of the time is rather unhealthy, but I learn to sit back and enjoy the simple things of life, the nature and most importanly I believe the people arouind me.
And of all these things, the most important of them all, is to be still before my God, to open my hands to Him for him to have full control and sovereign over my life, including my mind and my thoughts.
Okay, I started thinking about writing a test page, but already I am starting enjoying this.


At 4:34 PM, Blogger ym said...

wink it's very normal that you might think that your opinion about things and event is very different from many people because of the happenings,readings,experince,and information that we gather throughout our life.

I used to argue alot with my friends... It's because that we have different opinions about the subject. I do read (not to say alot... but i think i read slightly more than alot of ppl and most important is the books that i read). After reading certain books, we do realise about certain and form our thinking in certain ways.

I guess i have a problem with myself that i do not easily accept other's opinion if the person could not supply me with enough proof and convince me they are right. *shakes head* If the person could pursue and convince me, i would openly accept their opinion. This might b because of the happenings in my life that makes me think this way. ;)

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


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