Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Long long silence...

I am so amaze how time flies without me knowing it. My first and last post was more than 2 years ago, it was only a test post as I am really not into blogging, I just don't seems to have the time to do that. Even this post is a test :(

In fact, I didn't even remember having a userid in this blogspot!!!

I was having lunch with one of my former students today, he was talking about people reading his blog. I am still curious why people ever want to reaad others' blogs. So, may be you can tell me your reason...:) I honesly don't think anyone would read this...:( Well, if you are reading this...of course you are...then drop me a line to encourage me to continue blogging...hopefully I would write some interesting posting :)

Not remembering I have registered for a userid, I log on to this site and try to create an userid, only to be told that someone already used this out of curiosity, I checked the content to see who own the id...gee...MYSELF!!! Thank goodness I was able to guess my password and log on ...

I still feel hard to believe my previous blog was 2 years ago, is the date correct? Is it system error or just me getting old...:(

Hmm...hope my next post won't be in another 2 years time.


At 4:14 PM, Blogger ym said...

why would someone like to read other's blog... For alot of ppl, it will be curious and interesting to read someone's diary (but it's usually a No No). So if someone would treat blog as their diary, so it does explain that y ppl like to read other's blog...

Through reading other ppl's blog page, we get to know alot more about other ppl's daily like. Esp. for close family members and close friends who is far away.
Recently i started reading on my fren's blog. she went to Korea for industrial training. After reading her blog, i got to know so much about her life there... and all the fun she is havin.. *envy*

Besides that, when reading someone blog, u get to know what are they experincing currently. If that person's writing is full of feelings, thoughts... We might learn something different from there. I do learn alot when reading other's blog. As most of them do write about their daily life ,stories and some of them even include some inspiring words too! ;)

At 4:35 PM, Blogger YP said...

Hmm..thanks ym for the insight, I guess you are right...


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