Friday, July 08, 2005

Microsoft Downgrades Claria Adware Detections

There has been talk, lately, about a possible acquisition by Micro$oft, of a company called Claria (formerly known as Gator) !! If you have been using spyware removal software and has been requested frequently by your friends or family members to solve spyware problems, you would realized that Gator is one heck of a big headache!!!

Recently, it seems Micro$oft's Windows AntiSpyware application is no longer flagging adware products from Claria Corp. as a threat to PC users, it has downgrade the recoomendation from "Quarantine" to "Ignore".... isn't that just sound too fishy????

Read more on :,1895,1834607,00.asp
Microsoft Downgrades Claria Adware Detections

"A recent spyware report from Webroot Software Inc. lists Claria's software as the second most prolific adware install, appearing on more than 2 percent of consumer desktops.

Webroot also counts Claria's GAIN application as the second biggest threat to desktop computers."


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