Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Abnormally normal

I think I finally find a reason to write a blog entry, this time I did not wait for 2 years to add an entry...:)

I put up a yahoo status today saying "Something wrong with me..I am getting too normal...", and I got many message asking what's wrong with me..haha...

So I was just wondering how to reply everyone...put the explanation in the yahoo status to explain...probably too many characters.... then I realized I could just write a blog..haha...this blog thing is still an experiment for me... :)

Ok, here is my short answer: actually I put up to mean as a joke to myself...but actually after thinking about it, it does reflects what I believe in.

Last few days, for some reason, my days have been very routine. I woke up early, check some emails, read some emails, read some news, go to office, have some meetings, have some discussions with my colleagues, came back and feeling tired and so just take some rest and went to sleep early. That is pretty "normal" to most people.

To most people who know me, I am usually "not so normal"... most of you know I am not teaching any classes this trimester. I was relieved from teaching work in order for me to focus on my Ph.D studies, though I still have many responsibilities. The workload is still high, but the time is quite flexible. So I spend a lot of hours each days to study, most days having little sleep. Not that I don't sleep, just that when my brain is very active, I find hard to fall asleep. So I just make the most of my energy to do as much as I can...honestly I am not workaholic, I just enjoy what I do, I just enjoy studying...when I am really tired, believe me I can sleep the whole day !! :) In the last few weeks, I have been pretty productive this way. It is kind of "not so normal", as many people would say... but I don't feel I am streesing myself, I enjoy very bit of the time well spent.

In the last few days, I have been becoming very "normal" as mentioned earlier...but somehow I have been very I feel tension that I have wasted quite a lot of time the last few days. Hmm... that is not good. This is what I meant by being "too normal"...I don't know why..may be I know why la...just hard to explain... :) Nothing really wrong actually...just a joke and a punch line...

But then if you think of it, if we want to excel, we just have to stetch our imagination and ability ...and live beyond our capability. If we want our lives to be meaningful, we simply need to take extra effort to make a difference, for ourselves and for others. Life is tough, we can choose to let circumstances to control us or we can choose to take control of the circumstances. We can just follow the crowd, do what is popular and just be a "normal" person, or we can stand out among the crowd, do what we believe in and to make a difference in this world.

Okla...sure someone will ask why I am so free to blog, the answer is "no lar...just testing mah..." :)

Oh...second thought, it may be good to actually record down some thoughts about issues in the world ...and somehow I found myself being very conservative and yet can be very unorthodox regarding my views on many issues such as science, religion, philosophy and most we will see when would I have the time to write ..probably when I become even more abnormally normal... :)


At 7:31 PM, Blogger ym said...

oh yeah... Mr. YP Wong havin a normal human being routine? *someone please clear my eyes* Oh... havin a normal human life routine is so not the style of mr. yp wong... hahaha *not a joke* ;)

i still remember first semester of my beta year. Mr. YP wong was my Cp1 lecturer. For the first programming assignment, we had to write a tic-tac-toe program... geez... it's so not easy for a brand new beginner in programming like me... further more i did the assignment alone.. jz to challenge myself...

I started off with staring at the screen for more than half a day... with the compiler on the screen *of course*... i did not know where to start. but at the end of the few hours, i started typing " #include "stdio.h" and some cin >> and cout << "

then late nite... i was still figuring out how to program... i saw mr. yp wong online... it was around 2-3 am that time. so i just tried sending him a message. to my suprise, he replied... haha then he started teaching and guiding me through yahoo messenger!

just imagine... a lecturer is lecturing a student online... and moreover it's 3 in the morning... how would a *Normal* lecturer do that? i guess... it's hard to find...

that's y i said that it's so abnormal seeing mr. ypwong being normal... haha havin a normal sleeping routine is so not him! :D
cos most of the time, u can catch him in the office during odd hours... (i mean mid nite)..


At 8:09 PM, Blogger Izzam said...

His a cool lecturer !!


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