Saturday, August 13, 2005

Goodbye Haze! Wish NOT see you again!

Wow! Today whole day is clear blue sky, white cloud and most importantly FRESH AIR !!!!

Goobye Haze! Wish NOT to see you ever again!

The above photos are taken at about 5pm today (August 13, 2005), so it is a bit dark because of the cloud (not the haze), the sky is actually much brighter and clear the whole day.

At 3pm earlier, it was like this:

Apparently the haze is moving up north due to the wind condition, one of my student [which one? the blur blur one lor...:) ] went back to Penang to escape the haze, not knowing the haze is moving in the same direction! :( I did advice him to stay put though...

In fact, the weather forecast (as seen in the satelite pictures of CNN, BBC etc.) did forecast the wind direction and possible rain in some part of Klang Valley (no rain in Cyberjaya though). So the next time you try to escape from the bad weather, make sure you consult the weatherman, you can also download the firefox extension for weather forecast called Forecastfox, thanks to Neowhale for the tips!

The lesson to be learnt (well, at least for myself) is not to take the fresh air for granted, whenever possible we should do some outdoor activities and exercises rather than stay in front of the PC...:)


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