Friday, July 15, 2005

Whale War

The Whale has just declared Whale War with me....actually not with me but with my blog. The Whale and me are in good term, don't worry...we are not fighting in anyway...partly because he know I like to eat Fish and Chips and I am ready to try Whale and Chips anytime, so he better be nice to me.

I kind of wonder why he want to launch a pre-emptive strike on my blog, I guess he worry nobody read his blog, so he need to do something to get attention, so he invented Blog Terrorism and make my blog the first target of attack. Okay la, I am not afraid, I even will do a bit of publicity for him la..his blog is at:

Whatever you do, just don't follow his terror recommendation on my blog, if you want to do that to his blog, go ahead and don't tell me.

Just see what he wrote:
"Tomorrow wanna blog about ypwong blog liao. Must kacau him before he kacau me. Hahahaha........"

Hmm...this is really pre-emptive strike!! Unfair...:(( I am not sure to call him Whale Bin Laden or Whale Bush!!


At 8:13 PM, Blogger Izzam said...

Better call him Whale Laden bin Bush !!


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