Monday, August 29, 2005

Pay US$25million to eat roti canai in space?

BBC reports that:
Malaysia has announced that it hopes to put a man on the moon by the year 2020 as part of its $25m space programme.
More info on : and

A team is to be sent to Houston in Texas to find out how to process teh tarik (sweet tea), roti canai (flaky griddled pancakes) and nasi lemak (coconut rice) for consumption in zero gravity.
That would be the funniest joke the people at NASA would ever hear!!!

Teh Tarik in space? Gila...
Roti Canai in space? may be...
Nasi Lemak in space? If they want to get the whole spaceship filled with floating grains of rice...

Let's say this can be done, SO WHAT? What big deal is that going to make...?

What achivement do we get hitching a hike to space on someone else's spacecraft? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! With that amount of TAX-PAYERS' money, we may be better off to spend those money to do some real science in space science.

I am a great fan of space science, i would have no hesitation to give my support in any move that bring our country into the space venture, in a realistic way, which should involve education, R&D, capacity buiding and a real objective, vision and implementation.

... but to spend millions just to hitch a hike and send a space tourist up there is PLAIN NONSENSE!!!

..and to feel so proud of eating nasi lemak, roti canai and teh tarik in zero gravity is a PURE INSULT to us Malaysian! At least for goodness sake, think of a science experiment to do...even primary school children in US can think of that....!!!

It is so really SAD SAD SAD to see such childlish people with such childlish plan for our country...:(


At 11:07 PM, Anonymous BFlat said...

Yes its so sad.When u read about such things, don’t u wish that Stephen Hawking was the advisor for such projects.I read his book many years ago called A Brief History of Time which is awesome which talks about time space continuum, black holes, unified theory of the universe, theory of relativity ,quantum mechanics ,purpose and meaning of the vast creation. He was here in Malaysia a few yrs ago to give a talk but I missed that.
U should get a copy and read it! He’s like the Einstein of our time!
Now back to Malaysia on planet Earth, did u know that roti canai n nasi lemak is not healthy food! So pls eat sparingly unless u wanna kick the bucket early ,hahaha!

At 2:42 AM, Blogger YP said...

I seldom eat roti canai nowadays unless I have nothing to eat, it is just too unhealthy. Nasi Lemak...hmm...tak boleh tahan still eat once a while. Teh tarik, of course is always kurang manis.

I actually have bought Stephen Hawking's book and have read most of it. I highly respect him as a scientist, but i don't quite like his philosophy. I respect the philosophy of scientists such as Einstein, Carl Sagan etc. even though I don't necessary agree with all their views, but that would be another blog to talk about that.

At 12:54 PM, Blogger exiang said...

Yeah~! Malaysia Boleh~
Read about my blog of what will happen if Malaysia Government plan to make a Game Engine that label MIM (Made In Malaysia).

At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which Hawking's book did u read?
I'm so curious, which part of his philosophy that u didn't quite like.I can only guess that its related to the Originator of creation.
I pray one day he will come to know the Answer to the purpose of the universe is found in Him.
His talk a few years ago in Malaysia seems to show an openess to the reality of Him who made it all.I'm not sure if he has found the Answer yet.
Speaking about Einstein did u know that his wife contributed much to his theories and findings. I saw a documentry once on his life and i was surprise!
N now 4 a commercial break.If u r not exercising a lot don't eat too much simple carbohydrates like sweetened soft drinks including teh tarik kurang manis!It causes blood sugar to spike up which is bad 4 the body.Somehow when i ask for kurang manis it still taste sweet n hv to tell the guy to kurang kurang kurang manis.Then again I guess its all relative, yup relative.....

At 12:33 AM, Anonymous Bflat said...

Just curios , which part of the philosophy that u didn’t quite like? My guess is the part about the Originator of the Universe. I pray that Hawking will find the Answer to the purpose of the Universe in Him. His talk in Malaysia seems to show an openness to the reality of Him but I’m not sure if he has found Him.
Speaking about Einstein did u know that his wife contributed much to his theories and findings? I saw a documentary on his life and was surprised!
N now for a commercial break, if u r not exercising a lot, do reduce the intake of simple carbohydrates which causes blood sugar spike that is bad for the body. Sweetened drinks n the tarik kurang manis is bad. When I ask for the kurang manis it still taste sweet to me n hv to tell the guy kurang kurang kurang manis. Well guess its all relative… yup relative….relative


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