Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bangladesh Experience - Part II

...continue from Bangladesh Experience - Part I.

Here are some more photos:

Saying goodbye to Dr. Abul L. Haque, the director of the Regional Competition who invited us over, he visited MMU one or two years ago to promote the competition, he is a nice guy and humble man.

The supposingly "cultural show" ...unfortunately it was not what we and even the organizer expected....

as a result of the "cultural show", the winning team members were tortured! It was so loud and noisy...yes, i mean LOUD and NOISY! Intead of some traditional dance, the band was giving us hard rock western "music" but yelling in bngla language!! The "music" is as loud as a station concert!

..poor Victor!

...even KL Bear could not stand!!

Visiting my friends at Perdana College, left-most is Mr. Tan Beng Lee and right-most is Dr. Simon Wong center also got so tight security!

Shopping center at Dhaka.

Parliment building I think...

Land mark, see the signage.

Nice place.

..continue to Part III.


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