Monday, September 08, 2008


Two weeks ago, we attended the CGIV08 Conference organized by USM and IEEE at Penang. Here is the six of us:

From left are Hau Lee, William, myself, Victor, my friend Dr. Ong from USM and Hee Kooi (Research Officer).

The official group photo:

Victor presenting our paper:

Hee Kooi presenting another of our paper:

Of course conference is not just about papers presentations, it is about ... well, what else la... :)

In fact the most 'torturing' thing about going to conference is over-eating, hey I am not even talking about the main dishes, just desserts were too much to handle :)

So got to do some exercises, the Gurney Hotel has gyms, pool table, table tennis, swimming pool, sauna and beach volley ball at its Recreational Centre. It is at the 7th floor, but you feel like you are on the beach. Here are some photos:

The room was nice:

Visiting Penang is not complete without taking photo of KOMTAR:

and the mini Twin Tower:

and certainly Cendol is a must:

Hey, we tried both Cendol stalls at Penang Road and I still can't figure out the different between the left stall and right stall, after almost half my life in Penang previously. Any know the mystery please let me know, my theory is that they are related, both taste exactly the same to me but most people go to the right one.

At last I visited the famous Khoo Kongsi for the first time! Even Dr. Ong whose whole life is in Penang visiting it for the first time:

With so many of my friends in Penang and so many of my former students also there, I always try to catch up with a few of them during each of my trip to Penang. Here is a photo with Wei Chong and Sylvia at Queensbay Mall:

Speaking of friends, Victor also met some of his 'friends' at USM Muzeum:

Anyway. since Victor's 'best friend' could not travel to Penang with him, he brought along his second 'best friend':

Hey, ask you to tengok kereta la....!

The rest of the photos is at my Penang August 2008 (CGIV08) Photos at Flickr.

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At 5:39 PM, Blogger lilo said...

haha, i like how the title of ur blog is CGIV and it ends up with Victor with his gadget, all the way! haha :)


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