Monday, June 09, 2008

Meru Valley, Ipoh

I was on leave for the last two weeks to escape from the university in order to take some breaks and to relax a little. Nowadays it is always more productive to study by being away from the office and campus in order to have better concentration, it is actually more relaxing as well without all those administrative works bugging us.

My hideout place was my sister YenLee's new home at Meru Valley, Ipoh. I went there with my brother and his wife, and my mother on May 18,2008 and stayed a night there.

It is a very nice place but unfortunately I got to get back to the university because I have invigilation duties and also for the examination of my subject.

It so happened, Sister YenChen also decided to go there the following week on May 25,2008 to bring the kids to stay two nights there, since it is school holiday. Since it is also the university break (for students), I decided to take leaves to follow them to go up as well.

It also so happened that Sister YenSong would drop by after their Bukit Merah trip the following week and I could 'tumpang' them back to KL, so I decided to stay another week. It turns out at last I decided to stay even longer since it is actually more convenience for me to take KTM train back to KL Central and then take ERL to Putrajaya.

So, my two nights stay turns out to be two weeks stay. After all, we have too many days of annual leaves and too few opportunities to actually take them, and every year we have to end up On Leave But Working ! at the end of the year.

During thr two weeks, I was helping Yen Lee to set up and troubleshoot her computer and internet. Though it has been a relaxing two weeks and refreshing enjoying the fresh air, I actually managed to do quite a bit of reading, in fact it has been even more productive than usual !

The house from the side view

The house from the 'back' view (the not-yet-ready garden view)

YongXian in front of the house (morning)

Mother and the house (evening)

View from lounge (I took videos inside the house, but forgot to take enough photos... )

YenSong, Edward and YongXian at the attic, this place became my quiet private study room most of the time :)

Ipoh night view from attic

Morning mist viewed from attic

Cheers.... partying at attic :)

The faithful Goldie, Whitey and Courage

Meru Valley's driving range... yes, shoot it to the lake :)

Nice pose JunXiang! :)

Beautiful photo (YongXian nad JunXiang)

Oh no, I am bitten by leeches ! :(
(Waterfall at Meru Valley.... hey Yal,e, YenChen, Lim, YingJie and YingFei: you guys missed this! Make sure you go next time.)

Swimming pool at Club House

Golf course

Oh I forgot to mention there was plenty of food sampling (Ipoh HoFun, dim sum etc.) at Ipoh, managed to do a very little sight-seeing too.

Malaysia Book of Records: The tallest scout pioneering tower
(See the news HERE)

Spectacular Kek Lok Tong, info HERE.

The OLD TOWN White Cafe, where it all started...

BUT, it seems this shop that is right opposite of the shop above is the shop where white coffee in Ipoh really started !!

The beautiful Ipoh train station. The station is getting ready for the KL-Ipoh Komuter which will be in service very soon.

For other photos, please see my Ipoh May-June 2008 photos at Flickr.

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At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never knew that Ipoh was such a nice place. I was in Cameron Highlands a few weeks ago which is not that far from Ipoh, but I had no idea. Anyway, I'm one of your students sir, and just wanted to tell you that, we really miss you. Hope to see you back in your office. Have a nice and sweet holiday.


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