Wednesday, June 18, 2008

At Last a Swimming Pool for MMU !!

At last, MMU has a swimming pool, a proper football field and running tracks !!

The new Sport Complex also has indoor badminton and basketball courts. I forgot to take picture of those. The photos above were taken using my handphone's camera, so the qualities are not so good.

Oh yes, a gym too and it is pretty well-equipped.

No news about ticketing system yet, I think they have not decided on that yet. In fact, they forgot to factor in the lifeguards issue and have not built any lifeguard post stations yet for the swimming pool! It seems they have not have the final approval from relevant authority yet because of this, I really do not know the details, so for now it is opened but "swim at your own risk" !

There is also a central Food Court there.

p.s. Kind of remind me that my choice to study in USM long time ago was partially (not entirely of course) influenced by the fact that USM was the only university in Malaysia that has a swimming pool at that time. :)

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At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yp it must been longtime since u swam。 Well if you ever go in pool pls make sure you are fit haha。 May be you can startwith gym but then no time, sigh! As ur body AGE
excercise is important
Go for blood test at least once a year。 Check for PSA. Prostrate specific antigen!Do take
care. I have a few
classmates that have passed on
to Eternity.Fr Bflat


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