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MMU Unite 2006 Report Card

MMU UNite2006 was held yesterday on April 14,2006, it was the much awaited event by MMU students. Especially for the final year students, it was probably the last time they will ever have to have a good time with their fellow university friends, it is also a tension-releasing time, a last chance for them to have some fun before the last race to complete their final year projects and the final examination.

Though I am not a student, I can't help but to join in the fun and to have some happy time with the students. After-all, the venue is at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) and it is not easy to get a chance to see the place, so this is suppose to be a grand event.

Here is the report card:
[all are marked over 100]

MMU Guys: 101 marks (all handsome)
MMU Gals: 101 marks (all pretty)
Tun Dr. Mahathir's Speech: 100 marks (I should not give less)
Photo-taking Sessions: 100 marks (The BEST and the ONLY good part of the night)
Venue: 80 marks (biggest hall in Malaysia)
Performance: 20 marks (some are nice though)
MC: 20 marks (rude!)
Event Organization: 5 marks (presuming there is any)
Food: 5 marks (if you are lucky to get any)
Waiters' Service: 1 mark (just mercy mark)

Further Comments:

MMU Guys and Gals: All handsome and pretty and all really dressed up well, MMU students are so busy that they hardly got the time to do that in normal days. That is the reason, UNite is such a big event for them, everyone paid RM89 to attend, and on top of that they have to pay for all their nice dresses and suits, and all the hair-styling etc. If there is a category for the worst dress of the night, it will sure be me.

Photo-taking Sessions: With RM89 per person, you would expect the night to be a night of wonderful performance, wonderful programme and wonderful meals. Unfortunately, the BEST and ONLY good thing for the students is the photo-taking sessons among their friends, since everyone [except me :)] is so well-dressed, handsome and pretty. I can't help but to join in the fun a little as well. In fact this seems to be the only things to do, nobody seems to care about the mostly lousy performance (especially the magician who think these are primary school students, however the violin performance is nice, so not all bad). There were no food to eat until 11pm (I was lucky), some don't get to eat until was suppose to be DINNER, and we were there since 7pm!

Food & Services: As mention earlier, you get to eat if you are lucky. When we went into the hall, we saw all the western-styled spoons and knives nicely arranged, we can't help but to expect a really wonderful meal, afterall we paid RM89 per person for this. Unfortunately, we only get to eat a little bit of salad at 10pm, the bun never came to our table and my tablemate get so hungry and started eating the butter! My tablemate have to literally 'rob' the waiter to get some soup to drink, and he managed to 'rob' (sorry, I didn't do it myself) some food for me at about 11pm. And that was the only thing we get to eat, a plate of lousy and cold CHICKEN RICE! My tablemate have to go to the kitchen to take some orange juice for us to drink. From what I know, we were lucky, some table don't get any food until 12pm!

Event Organization: There is absolutely no doubt the students all had fun interacting with their friends and taking photos, but other than that, I do not think there is a single person who is not disappointed with the whole event organization. Food is nothing great considering RM89 was paid, the service is the worst I have ever seen, absolutely horrible, worst than any ordinary eating place that you ever know. The saddest thing is that the students who have paid so much with such enthusiasm and excitment were treated like small kids without respect and dignity. At the end of the event, I presume many of the students was eagerly expecting a nice dance session, it lasted only 2 or 3 songs (I think), then they ended the event and started turning off lights to literary chased them away. When they came out from the hall about 1am, obviously they will still try to take some last minute photos, however, the loud speakers was blazing with words like "You must leave now, go home to sleep". I wonder if they do that if these are OIC delegates, just because they are students does not means they should be treated this way, after-all, it is their nights!

For a RM89, it is an absolute disappointment that does not worth a single penny.

1st class venue, 3rd class event !!

Fortunately, the photo sessions worth every penny (though if you think of it, it may as well be held in MPH without having to pay RM89). The below are a sample of what save the night :)

For other photos: Go to :

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