Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy and Blessed Chinese New Year 2008 !!

Happy and Blessed Chinese New Year 2008 to everyone !!


The above is the new set up of my fish tank !!

Added 04 Feb, 2008 :

(the water somehow is clearer after 3 days)

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At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Bflat said...

YP, Im so happy to that u finnnnnnallllly found a church that u are comfortable with.I know , i know u have no time ma in the past.Just in case u still remember, church is made of imperfect ppl on the way to Eternity.YP is very eccentric for those who know him well HA HA HA. Dont just attend church but pls be a part of the life of His body.Be a participator. Be a history maker,join the prayer meets, cell group,camps, special meets.I think u get what i mean, so which church is that? May be Im attending the same one MUUUUAAAAAAHH. Be not afraid. Be VERY VERY not afraid ha ha


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