Saturday, March 08, 2008

I voted for a Better Malaysia

I just came back from casting my vote in the General Election. My voting station was at Taman Putra Perdana, it is actually very near Cyberjaya but there is no direct road to there as both places are separated by the KLIA highway. The only way is to go to Puchong first via the Pulau Meranti road ..... so near yet so far.

I thought there would be some free transport to go there but the population in Cyberjaya is too low for any party to allocate any human resource here.

So I took a bus to Putra Sentral and found that there is also no bus from there to Putra Perdana. So I ended up paying RM26 to take a cab there.

The cab refused to wait for me, so I just took any free transport back to Cyberjaya, which happened to be one Chinese man campaigning for BN, apparently he is a businessman whom the Datuk (I don't even know who the Datuk's name is) had helped him in his business.

The Chinese man asked me who I voted, I told him I voted whoever that is good.. :) he said he will take me back regardless who I voted :)

Who I voted is anyone's guess.

Well, I performed my duty and my right to vote, that is all that matters !!

p.s. Too bad the camera of my phone having hardware failure error, thus I could not take any photos.

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