Thursday, March 06, 2008

I am back....and I do not exist on March 5, 2008

Don't ever ask me where I was on March 5, 2008 because I do not exist on that day.... well, kind of....

Just came back from a 30-hours journey flying from Miami to KLIA, took off from Miami Airport on Tuesday March 4, 2008 (Miami time) and reach KLIA on Thursday March 6, 2008 (Malaysian time). Feeling kind of weird of having one day of my life seems unaccounted for.. of course equally weird is gaining one extra day during the trip from KLIA to Miami.

Well, I attended the Microsoft Academic Days on Game Development in Computer Science Education (GDCSE'08) ( ) and just landed at KLIA less than 4 hours ago and just reached home less than half an hour ago. First thing I did when I reached home was to check that my fishes are still in good condition, thanks to my niece who feed them during my trip. Second thing i did is to check my email box and found more than 200++ emails. Third thing is writing this blog, the purpose is not to tell the story of my trip which I will do much later, instead this blog entry is to tell everyone that i am back and request everyone to give me some time to read and reply the emails much later and for me to return all the missed calls. Since the conference was on a cruise at the West Carribean Sea, I do not have assess to internet and no phone assess too.

Anyway, more on this got to unpack and take some rest...and figure out what I need to do next...reply emails? ...return missed calls? catch up with tons of overdue works? Hmm.. I think I will just take take a bath and take a nap....

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