Sunday, May 14, 2006

Yeah..I got a fish tank!

At last I have a fish tank of my own, since I was small I have always wanted to have a fish tank.

Here it is:


The fishes I have in the tank are:
It is so nice just to look at those fishes swimming around ...a good way to release tension...:)


At 10:09 AM, Anonymous neeshen said...

hey boss,
fishes are good for stress. I want to get an aquarium for myself too. It'll take some time.

At 12:07 AM, Anonymous B_flat said...

Its been a long time tat ive not written some nice things here! HAHA!
First of all MMUNite is history n dun wan to think abt it anymore!BTW Wong sifu truly looks like a sifu in the midst of his disciples!Dun wori abt ur dressing, all sifu r not well dress one!HAHA!
Hmm, neeshen is right, looking at fish swin can actually calm down ur nerves, here is another tip, looking up the sky in the night has the same effect but pls dun do it when its raining!HAHAHHA!
Guess everybody is buzzziiiii with being busiiii hahah1 so till the next blog, Bflat signing off but will be back to spice up tis blog!HAHA! Now u will never know who is writing this !MUAAAA HAHAHAH!


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