Sunday, April 08, 2007

New, new, new.....

Wow.....! It has been so long I didn't write anything. Not that I do not have anything to write, in fact it is because there are too much to write that I hope to find some longer free time to write them... only that nowadays there are simply no such things as real long free time, one simply got to make time to do the little little things amidst all the important things that we need to do.

In the northern hemisphere, the winter is turning into spring and yet though there is no winter in Malaysia, I seems to be hibernating in this blog-space.. hopefully I shall be back to active blogging again. :)

Okay..what happened to me and around me lately....let's see...

New office, new friends, new club house in Cyberjaya, new job .....

Oh okay... the new job part was an April Fool joke. I put up my yahoo status as "At last a new job and leave this place for good." on April Fool day. There were many people asking me (even a week after that day) if I really going to change job or not, some people even fooled by me despite the fact that I was talking with them (on April Fool day itself) about Google's having April Day jokes every year :). In case you didn't know yet, Google's April joke this year was Toilet Internet Service Provider (TiSP) and Gmail Paper !

Second thought, may be I should consider getting new job :) If I do, I think it will not be in Malaysia...! Seriously... !

Speaking of job... I did not choose to teach Computer Programing I next trimester, hopefully I won't be forced to teach it. Why? Well, long story... the secondary reason is that I wish to teach some new course such as mathematics subjects for a change, after all I am a maths guy.. :)

Oh yes, we (Faculty of I.T.) moved into our new building...FINALLY!

Here is a photo of my new office:

It was taken just after I moved in, I will try to post better photos later.

My new office is just in front of my condo, here it is as seen from my balcony:

The new building is quite nice (but not without problem though), do visit us when you are free.. :)

I am still kind of surprise I was able to move so many things over to the new building (Facilities Management Division only move tables and 2 boxes for us) ... aha... that was made possible after I throw (sent for recycle to be exact) many stuff such as this:

Btw, there are many new building in Phase II of MMU including a nice grand hall which was used in the last convo. The new MMU gate would eventually be at this side of the university.

Right in front of the soon-to-be new gate, there is this new Cyberjaya Lake Garden Community Club House (which consist the previously Cyberpark). It is equipped with Golf (driving range only), 2 futsal fields, 3 badminton courts, pool tables, dance studio, swimming pool, lakes, jogging path, basket ball courts, tennis courts and best of all (for me) 2 squash courts !!

The place is too big for me to capture in one single photo, you just have to come here to see it :)

Oh..I did put the photos in my home webserver, here it is:

What else is new...? Oh yes, I bought a new phone (Nokia N73) :

For your information, this is the FIRST handphone that I have ever bought in my whole life !! My first phone was a free phone come with the credit card (CitiBank) and service provider (Celcom) package.

Hey, I got a new 'friend', here he is:

Haha... he is of course Tun Dr. Mahathir, the previous PM of Malaysia. He is more-or-less my neighbour too, his mansion is on the same road as my condo... at the other end of the same road !!

Okay, if you hate him (as many people do), please do not spam at the comments. As for me, I may not agree with many of his policies, but I do think he has been a great leader, a great visionary and without him there is no MMU and no Cyberjaya !!

We were at the MMU 10 years anniversary dinner actually :)

Here are the rest of the photos for that event:

Oh yes, I was wearing my new batik shirt .. the first and only batik shirt I have :)

I also got a new pair of spectacles :)

Also bought new shoes.

What else is new? Hmm..many things...but I can't write all of them here I suppose... :)

Now I need a new watch, a new LCD monitor and many new stuff .. hey, looks like I really need a new job... :))

Btw, Blessed Easter to everyone !



At 7:51 PM, Anonymous josiah said...

You look good in your new batik (^_^)
And your new spectacles (^_^)
And your new friend (^_^)

Are those people in the background (to your left) your "friends" too? Or are they just there to "tumpang" your friend's popularity? (^^;)

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Nicholas Key said...

You've got yourself a very nice office with a nice view, Mr Wong :)

At 2:31 AM, Blogger YP said...

Josiah: I think those people on my left are the real friends of my 'friend' :)

At 4:19 PM, Anonymous b_flat said...

Mr Wong so poor thing wan! Now only buy new hp ha ha! Aiyah old ppl like tthat one save save save!! save!!1 "lui", young ppl like spend ma!
But look like uncle Wong now also spenz a lot ma,HA HA. He must be going thru his MM that coz the change in spending behaviour. Make a guess watt MM means, HA HAHA HAHAHAHA

At 7:27 AM, Blogger lilo said...

Good choice of phone, nice looking specs, and of course great that you updated your blog again :) hope to get to read more :D

At 3:36 PM, Blogger Jess said...

heya, we have the same phone.. :P keep in touch, ok? :)

At 9:20 AM, Blogger Francisco said...

Ah Peng,

Really nice that you have this blog of your own and I can give more comments to you. Looks like you now really enjoy your life journey!!! Now which chapter of of your auto-biography, my friend? Hope the Penang chapter of your life journey shall be one of the highlights...ha.ha..



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