Saturday, September 02, 2006

MMU Convo 2006, Stone BBQ Steamboat, My Fish Tank & Grilled Fish

It has been a long long time since I wrote an entry, have been busy with many things. Here are just some updates...

MMU Convo 2006

MMU had its Convo 2006 at the new Grand Hall (with 4500 capacity) on August 12, 2006 and August 13, 2006.

After 3 years of being 'tortured' by MMU Lecturers (me being one of them, 'guilty' as charged), they finally graduated!

Here is the view of the hall from the stage:

Here are some of the happy faces:

You can see the rest of the photos HERE.

Congratulation again guys/gals !! Do not forget me when you get your salary !! ;-)

Josiah's Steamboat Farewell

Josiah (one of the FIT tutor) is going to UK to further his studies, so we gave him a farewell, here are the photos:

We had the steamboat at Stone BBQ King Steamboat:

It is probably the best steamboat I have tried, for a flat rate of RM20++ (less than RM25), you can make your own ice kacang as much as you want, plenty of ice cream, various type of drinks and of course lots of food choices including sushi. It is not just steamboat, in fact the fun part was the BBQ, see the picture below:

Hmm..can't wait to go there again.

You can see the rest of the photos HERE.

The location of this Stone BBQ King Steamboat is at Sri Kembangan (Serdang) near the Hakka Village Restaurant. If you are interested to go there, check out the map provided by a blogger HERE and comments HERE.

My Fish Tank

Some of my fishes died...:(

So I added some other fishes into my fish tank and bought new plants too (the old ones all eaten up by the fishes) ...

Can you see the sharks? !! They are called Bala Shark, not real shark though. :)

Grilled Fish

Speaking of fishes, lately, realizing I really should utilize my microwave oven and cook some heathy food (and some not-so-heathy food such as pasta), so my next thing to try is grilled fish as recommended by a colleague, here are the results:

Grilled Dory Fish

Grilled Ikan Selat

Well, I know it does not look pretty as cooked by professionals, nevertheless it tasted good, next time I will try to decorate a bit...:)

Nope.... the fishes were not from my fish tank! I bought them from Alamanda at Putrasjaya. :)


At 12:06 AM, Anonymous Bflat said...

Wong sifu, one year come, one year go, students come, students go,i bet u miss some of ur "bad" students dont u! Well im sure the students will miss u too!After all,u have been such a great father to ur children HAHAHA,even if u hv been so demanding, strict,n old fashioned HAHAHAH.All fathers like tat one HAHHAAHA So r u getting emotional now HAHHAHcoz ur heart is so touched by the appreciation here,I shall b back with futher writing!

At 6:30 PM, Blogger Nee Shen said...

I think you wear the same set of baju for my convo eons ago and also in this one lar, i'll have to dig up the photos.

Your entry is ironic.. here you are showing is your fishes in the tank happily swimming, and down there you have grilled fish.. something to stomach...

At 3:35 AM, Blogger YP said...

Neeshen: Haha... I doubt the shirt and the tie are the same (probably same color though), however, the coat is the same though.. I am not working in Intel and MMU does noto pay me well enough to pay another coat :)


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