Monday, October 23, 2006

I was misquoted in Malay Mail!! :(

I just came across the article in the Malay Mail Online (HERE) that quoted me supposingly saying:
“Grades are the most important; it doesn’t prove that you can do something well but it in the absence of a good portfolio, it is useful.”
Gosh! That is NOT what I said!!!!

In referring to the discussion of whether grades are important or not for a graduate to find a job in the industries, what i did say was something like:
"Grade is not everything and not the most important thing, skills ultimately are the most important. However, the students should not think that since grade is not the most important thing, it is not important at all as long as they have the skills. In the absence of a good portfolio, a graduate may have to depend on his grade to get himself/herself a good job to prove his/her skills. Otherwise, you may not even have a chance to prove your skills no matter how good you are...."
Gee.... why reporters always don't report things properly.....

Once in a chinese daily, I was quoted of saying "The university may be considering to change ...., but it is not official, so don't report that..."! I was explaining something to that reporters so that she can understand something clearer, but she reported that whole sentence !! :((


At 6:47 PM, Anonymous B_flat said...

YP, im surprised that after living on planet earth for so many years...Hmmm i wonder how many in ur case HAHA SENIOR Lecturer hmmm guess the readers who dont know u can tell HAHA!... u should know that the news in the press cannot be accurate 100% all the time. Nothing is perfect u know! HAHA. Anyway go tell Malay Mail la and ask them to print a small pathetic retract/correction,HAHA!I wonder if MM will do it, for the old man HAHA!

At 10:44 PM, Anonymous B_flat said...

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