Sunday, November 19, 2006

Unique Lunch

I attended a very unique lunch function at the Palm Garden Hotel on Nov 12,2006.

The event:

The lunch is actually free as the hotel reserved 30 seats specially for MMU staff.

The menu:

Usually when you eat in a hotel, it is either buffet or course dinner. For the case of course dinner, usually a dish will be put in the middle of the table and everyone on the table will share the dish. However, for the lunch that day, it is very unique. For each course, each one is given a plate of food of which is special designed by the hotel chef for the occasion.

Here are the dishes:

There were multimedia presentations and performances while we were enjoying the meal, and the BEST part is...... there were NO speeches !!!!

Here are the people on my table:

Hmm.... btw, I cooked curry the other day. It was the second time I cooked curry and it did taste nice for a beginner. While half way eating it, it just crosssed my mind I should take a photo of it, here it is:

I cooked ABC soup yesterday, it was surprisingly easy to cook (using slow cooker) and I never thought it would turn out to be so nice... :) Was busy getting people to come to drink and forgot to take any photo of it.

Hm...look like my blog have been talking a lot on food, never intended it to be. Well, Cyberjaya is such a boring place and it is easy to get bored with the food here too. Thus cooking seems to be a regular "entertainment" nowadays...! I had never 'learn' to cook other than helping out in the kitchen while my sisters were cooking when I was much younger, I now realized learning how to cook is not too much different from learning how to do computer programming, there are sequences and procedures to be followed, conditions to be considered, steps to be repeated etc., and you need to learn how to do debugging when things go wrong! It is fun!

On the other hand, it does give me an extra analogy to be used when teaching programming courses! :)


At 1:09 PM, Blogger Nicholas Key said...

Wow! Seems like you had a great time at the luncheon, Mr Wong :) The food looks unique and delicious!

Food prepared by ourselves tastes better usually because we know the ingredients that we added, and of course, food preparation is like programming - from the preparation of the ingredients till the food is served on the table.

Your chicken curry looks tempting :) Maybe we can cook together someday in the future when I come back to Malaysia for a break.

See you, Mr Wong and have a great day ahead :)

At 1:11 AM, Anonymous Josiah said...

Interesting food... (in a weird way...)

Haha... and you are the one to complain that I talk too much about food in my blog (^o^)

Hmm... speaking of chicken curry... I just cooked Kurma Ayam a few weeks back (using the serbuk from Adabi). Quite nice for a first timer actually...

Hmm.. your programming-cooking analogy... now I know why I like cooking... (^_^)


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