Friday, May 25, 2007

New LCD Monitor!

I just bought a new Dell 22 inches Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD monitor (Model E228WFP). Here it is:

The photo above shows the LCD along with my old 17" monitor. Previously I was using one 21" CRT monitor and one 17" CRT monitor (shown above), When I assembled my PC two or three years ago, I already spent too much money already on the PC that I can't afford a LCD monitor, so I bought the two second hand CRT monitors costing RM450 and RM150 respectively. I was actually waiting for the LCD price to come down so that I can buy a bigger one such as the one I just bought.

The offer price is RM899, quite a good deal, it came with a FREE webcam somemore!. You may see the offer at Dell's Website. I paid extra RM65 to get 5 years warranty instead of the usual 3 years warranty.

Now i got plenty of space to open multiple windows (if not of course I still have my secondary monitor). The quality is not bad but one would need to get used with looking at LCD screen after half a life looking at CRT.

There is actually a 20" model (2007WFP) that is a UltraSharp model, which means much sharper display especially good if you are watching video a lot (not for me) but the response time is slower (may not be as good if you are playing games). Though I do not watch video much on my PC (I got TV and DVD player) and almost never play games, this may not means much to me. Nevertheless the 22" model that I am having now is not as sharp as I hope it is, thus I am now tempted to return this (Dell allows us to return within 7 days) and get the 20" UltraSharp model instead. It is smaller and more expensive, the price is RM1199 (also offer price).

Hmmm... should I change? What do you think? Help me out please... I got only 7 more days to think about this.

Correction: Actually I think the issue is not the sharpness, I think LCDs generally have less color dynamic range and color depth than CRT.

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At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Josiah said...

you'll get used to LCDs in no time, and then you'll never get used to CRTs again ^_~

can't give you much advice though... if the 20" one is THAT much sharper compared to the 22", then perhaps you should change. Then again I watch anime all the time... but you might prefer a larger screen so i don't know >.<


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