Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New "New LCD Monitor" !

Yeah... I got a new "new LCD monitor" !

Referring to my previous blog, I have purchased the Dell E228WFP 22" Entry Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor (non-UltraSharp). After trying it out and also trying out my niece's 20" UltraSharp model, the differences in quality are quite significant.

Thus I have decided to change to the 20" UltraSharp model and return the 22" non-UltraSharp model. Here is my new "new LCD monitor" :

It is the Dell 2007WFP 20" UltraSharp Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor!

The UltraSharp LCD has better dynamic color range and depth while the non-UltraSharp LCD seems to be a bit white-washed. If an image has a big range of color, its appearance does not seems to make much difference in both LCD model. However, if the color range of the image is small, on the UltraSharp model, the image seems to have more shades of color (thus nicer, clearer and sharper) than the non-UltraSharp model.

One thing about the non-UltraSharp model really annoyed me is when I was reading my GMail. The color for read mails (blue-ish rows) and unread mails (white rows) seems to differ only a little bit. This become worse if you are looking at the screen from an angle other than directly at the center of the screen (example from side angle or from upper angle), in fact the color will become darker. This was my complaint about "not getting use with LCD" in my previous blog entry. The UltraSharp model does not have this problem!!

The above problem is also due to the fact that the viewing angle for the 22" non-UltraSharp model is 160 degrees while the 20" UltraSharp model has viewing angle of 178 degree.

100% brightness for the 22" non-UltraSharp model does not seems to be brighter than 50% brightness for the 20" UltraSharp model.

Of course UltraSharp means much sharper, the color is more "stand-out", it is as good as a CRT, even it is even nicer, without all the problems (flicker, eye strain etc.) associated with CRT !!

Other advantages of the 20" UltraSharp model over the 22" non-UltraSharp model are:
- You can rotate it to be in the portrait orientation, this may be useful for certain type of document editing, but not for me.
- There are two USB ports on the right of the LCD for easier assess of the USB ports.
- Allows Digital DVI-D (HDCP)/ Analog/ S-video/ Composite inputs
- You can view from two video source at the same time... the Picture-In-Picture thing.....hmm... have not explored this feature yet (just got it yesterday).
- It look as nice even if viewed from most angles.

The Dell E228WFP 22" non-UltraSharp model cost RM899 when I purchased it, now it is RM999.

The Dell 2007WFP 20" UltraSharp model cost RM1199.

Yup, it is 2 inches smaller but RM300 more expensive ! It is worth! 20 inches is big enough, so the 2 inches reduction is not very significant for me becuase after all I still have the secondary CRT monitor!

Buy one if you can afford it, it is still an offer price now, normally it costs RM1299.

I paid extra RM65 for extra 2 years warranty, thus I have 5 years warranty on it !

Oh yes, some may be curious about returning the 22" model. Dell service is really good! They normally charge RM80 to pick up the good if you wish to return the good within a certain duration (do not know how many days) after you bought it, no question asked. For my case, they waived the pick-up fees from me, I suppose it is due to the fact that I am doing upgrading.

I really like this new "new monitor", very nice! :)



At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Bflat said...

Wong sifu, just to let u know thatt LCD is good for tthe eyes but it emits a certain smell that is not good for ur health, Enjoy with ur monitor ha ha, if the smell get too sttrong i suggestt u buy an air ioniser, P/s im nott selling air ioniser HA HA

At 4:53 AM, Anonymous Compaq laptop lcd screens said...

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At 4:56 AM, Anonymous Lance Vartanian said...

I like your new LCD monitor! It’s very different compared to your old monitor. It’s wider and it can show you better and brighter images. Plus, it does not consume too much space, which makes it very a good addition for your home.


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