Monday, August 27, 2007

Spectacular Fireworks @ Putrajaya !!

Wah......................... !

That was the expression of most of the spectators of The Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 held near the PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Centre) from 18 August, 2007 till 2 Sept, 2007.

Yesterday (August 25), we went to witness the fireworks performance by the Italy Team. The show started at 10pm but at about 8pm time, Putrajaya traffic was already very jam, thus we decided to watch it across the lake at Cyberjaya side in order that we can 'escape' from the jam after the performance was over. Since we are 'locals' to Cyberjaya, we know where to pick a good spot to watch and to 'escape' the jam after that.

The 20+minutes performance was spectacular !!

Here are the videos I took:

For more info, refer to

Here are other videos from YouTube:

There are plenty more of such video at

The next competition day will be on August 30 and Sept 2. Very likely we will go to see again on one of these days.

The ticket to see from PICC is RM38 and 20% discount for certain customers, more info on We did not buy ticket to see from there partly due to the cost and partly due to the traffic jam.

Believe it or not, this is the traffic at Cyberjaya after the fireworks:

It is almost KL-like, we almost never seen traffic jam in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.

Updated Sept 1, 2007: We watched this one HERE



At 10:36 AM, Blogger Francisco said...

Ah Peng,

Thnax for your posting on the fireworks @ Putrajaya. Really nice and beautiful.Now you really enjoy life lah..

Your long lost friend,

At 11:10 AM, Blogger YP said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.

Well, you are not so 'long lost' la... just that we have moved to the cyber-world, so you better join us too.

You should have your own blog to post all your little Francisco Juniors... :)

May be one of these days I will post some old photos of you making 'roti canai' ...haha....


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