Sunday, September 02, 2007

Flickr Rocks!

I have never used the photos sharing Flickr though I have heard of it long long time ago. Yahoo who owns Flickr had announced that they are closing down their old Yahoo Photos, of course this is a smart move.

With that all Yahoo Photos users were given an option to migrate all their photos to the Flickr site. We were given a free three months Pro Account which allows unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Well, after transferring my photos from Yahoo Photos and trying to upload the fireworks photos, I think i am getting hooked to it, it is really easy to use, upload and share photos, link the photos to the blog, tagging and labelling them etc. It allows viewers to comment on the photos as well!

Really cool !

Okay, here is my flickr page:

Do visit and leave your comments. Well, not much photos yet, shall upload all my other collections into it. I intend to continue the Pro Account once the free three months is over, it will be USD$24.95 per year. :)



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