Sunday, September 02, 2007

Putrajaya Firework Team Japan

After the Italy performance last Saturday, we just can't get enough of it and decided to watch the one by the Japan Team (formerly World Champion I think) on the Merdeka (August 31) Eve.

Previously we watched the Italy Team performance on the road towards Dengkil and PICC but we got to sit on the floor with little stones and occasionally the ERL will zoomed by disturbing our views. My blog about it is HERE.

This time we decided to go somewhere nearer somewhere at the lake near Cyber Height overlooking PICC:


It is a much more comfortable place, nearer and have direct line of sight to the firing zone besides PICC. The downside was that there were a huge crowd there as well. Luckily we parked our car near Cyberview Lodge and after the show we got to walk a little to the car, but it is still far better than got stuck in the traffic ...


You won't believe that this is Cyberjaya..more like KL. 8 years in Cyberjaya and i have never seen such traffic jam.

Second thought, what traffic jam? There were NO traffic right after the fireworks display... the road was more like a huge giant car park, most cars didn't even turn on their engines because there were no cars moving for quite a while.

The usually fresh Cyberjaya air became so polluted with all these cars around.

Okay, about the performance, a few of us think that it is not as good as the Italy one. It was kind of dull and boring in the beginning, it was better only towards the end, here is the photo of the ending:


Click the above photo to see all the photos I took.

Here are the videos:

Well, shall look forward for tonight Grand Finale, stay tuned for more .. :)



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